Propelling Australian innovators into global manufacturing

We invest in bringing together the best minds and the greatest ideas to build a viable future for Australian manufacturing.

We offer Australian SMEs an easy path to delivery through collaboration, advocacy, education, global insight, valuations and innovation frameworks. Established in 2008 as a CRC with Commonwealth Funding of $35 million over 7 years and matched with industry contributions of $21 million, it now operates as AMCRC Pty Ltd.

The AMCRC conservatively estimates a risk-weighted benefit of $315 million to direct
beneficiaries of the research, with indirect social, environmental and reputational benefits accruing.

From collaboration projects such as the Stem Cell proliferation systems with Cytomatrix, Deakin and Monash University to Solar Panel Inverter technologies with MIL-Systems, CPT and RMIT and through a multitude of research and industry partners the technologies developed within the AMCRC are continuing to come to market. Through the seeds sown within the AMCRC these partners and the broader Australian Advanced Manufacturing community will continue to generate impact long into the future.

Click here to see our AMCRC I key highlights.

Minister Ian Macfarlane announced the Round 16 CRC Program funding on 21 February 2014, noting, “the Advanced Manufacturing and Manufacturing Industry Innovation CRCs are well positioned to assist the Australian manufacturing industry to adapt to new, high tech manufacturing processes and will assist in opening new markets. These applications displayed merit and are proposing to address issues of national importance. As such I have asked these CRCs to submit a combined proposal for my consideration.”

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The AMCRC will endeavour to keep our partners up to date with progress as we move forward.

Contact us on +61 3 9214 4780 to become involved. 

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