$40M Funding for Innovative Manufacturing CRC Announced

Minister Ian Macfarlane announced approval for the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IM-CRC), which is to receive $40 million over seven years to June 2022.

The announcement was part of Minister Macfarlane’s address at the Australia 2040 Conference in Canberra in which he outlined a refocus of CRC activities following the federal government’s review of the CRC scheme by David Miles.

The good news is that the CRC program will continue to be supported by the Department of Industry as a major government program for industry-research collaboration to enable industry to access Australia’s leading research capabilities.

The minister emphasised the need for industry driven CRCs, which is something that the IM-CRC has in place as a guiding principle.

The announcement will now enable the Innovative Manufacturing CRC to form agreements with members and to prepare for the commencement of projects.

The IM-CRC will work in close cooperation with the new Industry Growth Centres to help companies build the innovative capacity to develop market-ready opportunities. Dr David Charles, Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing CRC comments that “it is well positioned to build on the successes of the Advanced Manufacturing CRC and to contribute through collaboration to the change process both in industry and associated research organisations.”

More details are available on the IM-CRC website.

Announcing successful Technology Commercialisation Projects

AMCRC Pty Ltd has started a number of Technology Commercialisation Projects. The aim of the projects is to assist in the commercialisation of completed AMCRC Ltd projects and to act as a linkage to the Innovative Manufacturing CRC.

Click here to learn more about the individual projects supported by the AMCRC.

AMCRC Pty Ltd Winding Down

Originally established in 2008 as a CRC, AMCRC Pty Ltd, which has been active since October 2014 will wind down operations as of June. AMCRC’s vision of “Propelling Australian innovators into global manufacturing” is all the more important today as when the AMCRC commenced in 2008. The outcomes of the research activities over the past seven years within AMCRC have succeeded in impacting the Australian advanced manufacturing sector and clearly demonstrate a path forward for our manufacturing leaders of the future. We now look forward to the Innovative Manufacturing CRC becoming a key driver of Australian manufacturing industry transformation, commencing operations on July 1st, 2015.

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